Fisheries and Wildlife Services


Genetics and Genomics Services for Fisheries and Wildlife Managers

Arrayxpress Inc. has expertise in traditional and advanced genetic/genomic approaches to Fisheries and Wildlife Management. We provide consultation on experimental design, data analysis and interpretation of customized projects. By partnering with us, our clients can focus on their scientific hypothesis and experimentation to increase performance and cost effectiveness of their studies. We provide traditional genetic approaches as well as high throughput, whole genome scale sequencing (aka Next-Generation Sequencing or NGS) approaches. To learn more about next generation sequencing, visit Illumina's Introduction to Next-Generation Sequencing.

Traditional (Low-to-Medium Throughput) Applications Learn more
Microsatellite DNA marker analysis • Phylogeographic and Phylogenetic analysis
• Species Identification (Native or Invasive)
• Evaluation and genetic assignment of hatchery brood stock
• Determining gene flow between hatchery and wild populations
  • Abdul-Muneer, 2014
Amplicon sequencing of mitochondrial (ND-1, cyt b, COI) and nuclear (ITS) gene regions • Phylogeographic and Phylogenetic analysis
• Species Identification (Native or Invasive)
• Identification of Wildlife Forensic evidence items to determine species, population, relationship or individual identity
• Monitoring rare native or invasive species using environmental DNA
  Ogden et al., 2009
Bohmann et al., 2014
  Iyengar, 2014
  Ogden & Linacre, 2015
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Marker Analysis • Phylogeographic and Phylogenetic analysis
• Species Identification (Native or Invasive)
  Van Bers et al., 2012
  • DeHaan et al., 2014
Next-Gen (High Throughput) Applications Learn more
DNA-Seq • SNP marker discovery and genotyping
• Metagenomic analysis using environmental DNA to determine species diversity
  Van Bers et al., 2012
ezRad-Seq • Genome-wide SNP discovery and genomic genotyping in model and non-model species using RAD-seq (Restriction-site associated DNA sequencing)  • Toonen et al., 2013
  Andrews & Luikart, 2014


• Genotyping-in-Thousand Sequencing (GT-Seq), is a cost effective method for phylogenetic studies looking at hundreds of SNP's in thousands of individuals   Campbell et al., 2014
RNA-Seq • Transcriptome based exon capture to answer critical evolutionary and ecological questions using gene targeted genotyping of non-model species
• Evaluation of whole genome gene expression changes due to the presence of a toxicant or contaminant
  Andrews & Luikart, 2014